I start off every design workshop by saying the following statement:

The first rule of design is: It’s all about the type (typography). The second rule of design is: It’s all about the type.

This is a reference to the movie Fight Club where the character Tyler (played by Brad Pitt) introduces newcomers to the rules of his underground bare-knuckle fighting club. Now I’m sure I don’t look half as cool as Brad Pitt saying that but I should get points for trying, no? …

There was a time when I didn’t know how to take feedback for my design work. I sure thought I did, but the truth was that I wasn’t even close. As I grew as a designer, I learned to detach myself and my ego more from the deliverables of my work.

Design is about making things for people, with people. Feedback is, therefore, an integral part of the process. Learning to take it is only step one though. The even trickier part is knowing what to do with it.

What people mean, what they say, and what we understand are…

I Documented everything I did through A UX project in a corporate environment

This case study’s goal is to shine a light on the least spoken about areas of UX. Everyone always talks about their process. But I wanted to get into the nerdy little details, the mistakes I did, the tools and timelines. This should give anyone looking to evaluate what they’re doing a look into what fellow in-house designers are doing.

About the project

As I said, this one is a UX design project that I did back when I used to work in a multinational corporation (that shall remain nameless for confidentiality reasons). …

PS: I go into a rant about why apple launched this service in the first place. But If you want the thoughts about the new series, just scroll down ⇓ enjoy

As planned, Apple launched its service Apple TV+ on the first of November. Much to the delight of many viewers, we got a chance to watch three episodes at once of one of this season’s much-anticipated series “See” starring Jason Momoa.

The Apple TV+ subscription service can be called the first Major shot fired at Netflix as we are still waiting for Disney to launch theirs on Novembre 12th…

Facebook just unveiled their new company logo on November 4th. No teasing, no big unveiling, just a relatively discrete update showing-off an underwhelming design of the brand’s iconic wordmark and… Well, nothing else.


A low radar update

Contrary to what many brands have been doing recently, and what facebook itself has done in the last F8 conference when it updated the look of their app, the low-radar update is a bit of a surprise given that the logo hasn’t changed much since 2005 and hasn’t changed at all since the 2015 facelift.

The cool thing about cognitive biases is that once you know what they are, you’re halfway through defeating them. The other half is about humbling yourself, admitting you are just as prone to them as the next guy and being extra aware of the “why” for as much of the time as possible.

Because designers are in the business of taking care of the human side of things, many of our decisions are unmeasurable. Sure, your next corporate pitch can have 37 slides about how design is actually very measurable, and you’d be right. But let’s not kid ourselves here…

I am of the conviction that design is actually very easy. The more you know about design, the more you see that most of it was there staring you in the face the whole time.

I unfondly remember quite well a time when a stroll in Dribbble used to cause me severe self-doubt, a panic attack, and drain all the energy from my system. I recognize that when you’re starting out, obvious things are not obvious enough. Hence, I want to spell it out for those out there putting in the work and not making it yet.

This is just…


So Apple just dropped Serif font. Much like All Susan Kare’s fonts such as San Francisco, Chicago which was the official apple typeface up until the early days of the iPod, this new typeface is also named After A city: New York. It is now available for download from the official Apple website along with their current default and fan-favorite sans-serif: San Francisco.

“Could you make the logo bigger?”. This is the most common client objection I get and I’m sure it’s the same thing for most designers too. It is a fact that clients overestimate the value of their logo. They want it everywhere, on their website, social media content, merch, stationary, etc… If it wasn’t too much, they’d have it tattoed on the necks of their employees!

Why we have logos

A logo is the first piece of identification to a brand. For most people, it’s synonymous to the brand itself. It’s so much so that many people don’t even know the difference. …

It seems that nowadays you can’t scroll down your Facebook page without bumping into a “tech for women” themed event. And it’s not just events, it’s competitions, seminars, scholarships and all sorts of activities. Now I get the whole feminine tech movement if you’d call it that. I am all for it in countries like the US, where it makes perfect sense, but I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with it in my country of Tunisia where most engineers and university researchers are women.

Importing problems

I think it’s a misguided attempt to clone a problem that isn’t ours into our system…

Ayadi Ghaith

I write quirky rants about intelligent subjects. Design | Entrepreneurship | Growing up www.ayadighaith.com

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