Great article man. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject
XD was not a serious contender until last October. I’ve been consistently trying it since the beta and it was always riddled with bugs. Today, I use it exclusively for UI. It has gotten so much better to the point that I find it even better than Sketch, even though it’s still too buggy on Windows, which brings me to my second point.

Sketch and Invision’s insistence on not bringing their software to Windows users is, in my opinion, unjustifiable. Most people use windows machines and for that reason alone, XD had traction which has now grown into a substantial claim to the best UI design tool title.

I think you also could have mentioned Principle which is hands down the best UI animation software there is, no close second. The fact that it only works with Sketch is a huge boost for it. The Adobe XD auto-animate feature is “cute” compared to what Principle allows for.

Also, there is the fact that XD is actually free, which I think is a very aggressive move from Adobe. When XD was as horrible as it was, the fact that it was free seemed like a desperate move from Adobe and to their credit, it did work. I guess you don’t exist in the business for decades without having a few tricks up your sleeve.

Great work man

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