This sounded a lot like what Seth Godin teaches. I like how you put it to work from a designer’s perspective and to serve the goal of being fast. As you said, being fast allows us the time to do more, more iterations, more embellishments, perhaps more pixel peeping if you’re into that.

I also agree with you on your pragmatic view of this issue as well. Being fast itself is a unique selling proposition that will help you stand out from other designers. I know this first hand because I’m very fast myself (or at least that’s what I’m told) and once a boss or a client gets used to that rhythm, it’s hard to go back. And guess who becomes more valuable then!

Great work fellow. I Will be coming back to read it again at least one more time. Oh, and great illustrations.

I write quirky rants about intelligent subjects. Design | Entrepreneurship | Growing up

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